18th November 2004 More of the website converted to new style 🙂 30th October 2004 New look website 🙂 Check out the link to SpyMon 26th March 2004 I made my Mum a computer a while back, she likes Amazon… BUT… Is my Mum buying too many books? Please vote!!! 14th March 2004 The information on how to build your own dreamcast “Xfer” card is in in the dreamcast section Sorry about the delay… 2nd March 2004 All eZ80 dev work has been reallocated to a non-public project… The RetroMachine is now an x86 project – Quite a change ehh? 14th August 2003 Updated email links to .com web address rather than the address. 22nd July 2003 We are now on Broadband! We are based in the middle of nowhere so broadband has taken some time to reach us!!! We have found a great provider with PlusNet, they use BT lines but are much cheaper than BT… There is a website with a disc image of our emulators is still up & running… Spectrum105 at If you live in the North West area of the UK, or visit that area often – you will be very interested in this offer!!!