Double Dutch Designs Limited was formed in 1997; it was originally created to produce some pretty strange software and hardware projects

Most of the employees at Double Dutch Designs are originally from the Arcade and Video game industry. Game companies involved include CAPCOM, RARE, ZIPPO GAMES, US GOLD, TIERTEX, PARKER BROTHERS, PSYGNOSIS among others…

The first of our projects as Double Dutch Designs was a program called “LiteTrakker”, it is a program for a PC that can monitor the lights in a Pool or Snooker hall. LiteTrakker was soon expanded to include membership and was renamed “Trakker”. Trakker is currently being used in lots of Pool and Snooker halls throughout the UK. There is a planned update to trakker that will be developed in 2005.

From 1998 through 1999 we then got involved in some interesting micro-controller projects that unfortunately have to remain confidential.

In 2000 we decided to reverse engineer the current range of consoles, starting with the PSX. In order to learn more about the machine, we wrote a series of very popular emulators that the PSX itself runs. These emulators can “run” on most PSX emulators on the PC. In fact they are faster than the same PC playing the same game through MAME!!!

In 2001 out attention focused on the DC (Dreamcast) and we developed a fast dev card for that console.

In 2002 we started designing a new low cost home computer system, this system has evolved from a 50Mhz eZ80 as the host processor to a 200Mhz ARM9 based host. Work is being done on the prototype motherboard that will also include a JAMMA compatible edge.

Our latest project is “SpyMon”, it is a program that allows you to “keep an eye on” your children or employees, SpyMon can work in a local network or over the internet.

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